As a (slave-descended) black and (originally-Palestinian) Jordanian woman, Nadia Armouti believes in love’s immense potential to transform the world for the better. To that end, she acts as a multi-disciplinary artist and a researcher, working through people to heal the past, present, and future wounds of enlightenment.

Armouti’s practice is grounded in love-driven propositional futurisms native to a past-and-present where we have always already de-colonized, de-rationalized, and de-capitalized. Through her work, she asks and answers the question:

How would things be different if we had always thought of love as an ethic--a verb that demands discipline--and committed ourselves to becoming better at it?

Drawing on a wealth of radical thinkers and eminent writers from bell hooks, Sylvia Wynter, and Black Quantum Futurism, to Joseph Beuys, James Bridle, and Diann Bauer, Armouti’s work lives as a social sculpture within a (de-colonized) parallel present where we have always loved better. Through her work, she invites viewers to embody this world, to re-enact it, and to join in the unfolding of a present shaped by a (non-patriarchal) love ethic.

Armouti holds a BA in Government from Harvard University and recently earned her MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London, where she served as Student Orator. Listen to her speech below.