Quotidian Creative

QC is an ongoing experimental body of reserach with multiple iterations across differing contexts. There are two iterations to-date, with a third in development:

  1. Quotidian Creative I: Weathering
  2. Quotidian Creative II: Interim
  3. Quotidian Creative III: TBC

Experienced on-screen, in the room around you, and as a performance, Quotidian Creative flips the authority of the technology away from escaping reality toward imbuing reality with a bit more creativity. On the surface, the game simply forces its player to make choices. However, through immersive, choice-responsive projections bringing life to the metaphor of breaking down walls, and an intimate conversation with the artist in the moments that follow each choice, Armouti tempts the player to pick at their own habitus. She tempts them to bring their beliefs, assumptions, and limitations to speech, and to come to their own conclusions about them. In doing so, she invites the player to choose between the security of the status quo and the potential of any suppressed wishes, to consider—in continuation of the metaphor—not only where they are but also where they want to be.

Quotidian Creative I: Weathering

Quotidian Creative II: Interim