Clause 15.5: This contract represents the only formal agreement between us.

Welcome to University! Your dreams await! But you might want to review your student contract before you get started.

Explore campus in search of your elusive student contract in this interactive text adventure!

Clause 15.5 forces us to confront the challenge of understanding one’s rights and obligations under an increasingly neo-liberalized higher education agenda. Essentially a mapping exercise of the actual student contract at the artist’s place of study, this text adventure video game asks us to navigate the convoluted, excessive, and often superfluous directions given by the educational institution. Through our attempt to create comprehensive clarity, we experience its very impossibility and are left with no option but to consciously give up, having only fleshed out pockets of knowledge. Calling our attention to the institution’s strategy – not to hide information, but to overwhelm into a state of complacency – we find an alternative path to fill the gaps by drawing on the survival tips provided by others in the Clause 15.5 crowd-sourced strategy guide. Only by collaborating to piece together collective knowledge does this impossible game become winnable.